Tooth Gems World: Your Partner for your Dental Strass Installation

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In the modern world of dental aesthetics, dental rhinestones are becoming a must-have trend. Not only do they add a touch of elegance and shine to your smile, but they also allow you to personalize and stand out in subtle ways. Tooth Gems World is the reference in dental rhinestones and professional installation equipment. In this article, we'll explore everything you need to know about dental rhinestones, from their history to their installation, and why Tooth Gems World is your best friend for this sparkling adventure.


History and Evolution of Dental Strass


Dental rhinestones are not a recent invention. Their origin dates back several centuries where ancient civilizations used precious stones to adorn their teeth. Today, this practice has evolved into a popular fashion trend, especially among young people and celebrities.



What are Dental Rhinestones?


Dental rhinestones are small jewels, usually made of crystal or zirconium, that stick to the surface of the teeth. They can be of different shapes, colors and sizes, allowing complete customization according to individual tastes and preferences.



Why Choose Dental Rhinestones?


Dental rhinestones offer several advantages:

- **Personalization**: A unique way to express your style and personality.

- **Aesthetics**: Adds a touch of glamor to your smile.

- **Safe**: If installed correctly, they do not damage the teeth.



How is a Dental Strass Installed?




The first step is to clean the tooth surface to ensure optimal adhesion. A professional will then use a specially designed dental adhesive to stick the rhinestone to the tooth.





The rhinestone is gently placed on the tooth and held in place for a few seconds. The process is quick and painless.



After Installation


It is recommended to avoid eating hard or sticky foods for the first few hours. Good oral hygiene is essential to ensure the longevity of the rhinestone.



Why Tooth Gems World?


Large range of products


Tooth Gems World offers a huge selection of dental rhinestones in different colors, shapes and sizes. Whether you're looking for something discreet or flamboyant, you're sure to find what you're looking for.



Quality and Safety


All products at Tooth Gems World are of high quality and meet safety standards. You can therefore apply your rhinestones with complete peace of mind.



Professional Equipment


In addition to rhinestones, Tooth Gems World supplies all the materials needed for professional installation, including adhesives and precision tools.



The Different Dental Rhinestone Options


Crystal Rhinestones


Crystal rhinestones are the most popular. They offer exceptional shine and are available in several colors.


Zirconium Rhinestones


Stronger than crystals, zirconium rhinestones are ideal for those looking for added durability.


Varied Shapes and Colors


From hearts to stars to more abstract shapes, the options are endless. Plus, you can choose from a palette of colors to match your rhinestone to your style.



The Essential Equipment for Installation


Dental Adhesives


The adhesive is crucial for successful installation. Tooth Gems World offers professional quality adhesives, guaranteeing long-lasting fixation.


Precision Tools


For precise, burr-free installation, it is essential to use suitable tools. Tooth Gems World offers a full range of tools to help you achieve the perfect fit.



Tips for Maintaining Your Dental Strass


Oral hygiene


Maintaining good oral hygiene is essential to prolong the life of your rhinestone. Brush your teeth regularly and floss.



Regular Visits to the Dentist


A regular check-up with the dentist allows you to check the condition of your teeth and your rhinestone, and to prevent any potential problems.






Dental rhinestones are an elegant and unique way to personalize your smile. With Tooth Gems World , you have access to a complete range of high quality rhinestones and professional equipment for perfect installation. Whether you are a dental professional or an individual looking to add a touch of glamor to your smile, Tooth Gems World is your ideal partner.


By choosing Tooth Gems World, you are choosing quality, safety and a wide variety of choices. Visit our site and discover our exceptional collection to beautify your smile today!


In conclusion, remember that your smile is one of the first things people notice about you. With dental rhinestones, you can make that smile even more unforgettable. Trust Tooth Gems World for superior products and services, and let your smile shine brightly.

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